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5 tips for great marketing

In general, the world of marketing can be described as a very confusing entity, which is constantly exposed to development and changing world situations, and where anyone can be on the platform of a summer cottage or in the line at the grocery store in encounters with different brands.

However, many parties have at least some kind of perspective on these questions. Everyone in Kupli’s team also has their own opinions and complementary views on marketing, the best campaign implementations and brands. We at Kupli wanted to compile one vision from each team member to support functional and effective marketing!

Tip 1: Think about marketing as a whole

“Always think of marketing as a whole and make sure that everything you do has a goal and that the measures fit into the whole. Marketing France Phone Number List should never be seen as isolated measures or campaigns that are done sometimes and at Christmas. Individual planned campaigns bring additional spice to an otherwise functioning whole.”

Suvi Asikainen, partner and founder

Feel, touch and entice

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“We all make decisions and choices often based on our own emotions and feelings in everyday life. Because of this, I feel that marketing in general should strive for a state where it evokes genuine feelings and strengthens the emotional bond with the recipient. So why not attract and touch your own target group through emotions to strengthen your own position?”

Henna Viertoma, project manager

Tip 3: Set up thoughtfully, use effectively

“Some channels must be set up carefully so that none of them remain unused. A social media channel that is rarely or never updated does Phone Number DE not give a good image of the company. When setting up channels, you have to think carefully about your own resources, agree on the division of tasks, and make a strategy and plan for what you want to achieve on each social media channel and how it will happen.”


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