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A marketing audit helps you focus on the right things


A Marketing Audit Can Be Done. For Example, Only for a Google Ads Account. Website or Social Media, but It Can Also Be a Broader Entity. Where All Your Marketing Channels Are Reviewed. When Marketing Has Been Done According. To a Certain Formula for a Long Tim. It is Easy to Break Into It, So an Outside View is Often Good. in Addition, the Expert May Have Information. On How the Technical Features Offered by. The Marketing Channels. Could Be Used Even More Effectively.

Marketing audit helps to reduce unnecessary work

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In the marketing audit, we look at what kind of results your marketing channels produce in practice and propose actions that could improve the results. This may include Iceland Phone Number List shifting emphasis to other channels and reducing those that are not producing enough results. Alternatively, the operating methods can be changed in the channels in use.

When human resources and budget are directed to the right channels and audiences, they can be used to reach the desired results more easily!

It is a good idea to check the operation of the website regularly

Websites can be audited to check both the coverage of their content and their technical operation. Are your pages found in search engines in the right Phone Number DE contexts? And will the potential customers who end up on your site find what they are looking for? Do the pages and their functionalities attract people to move beyond the landing page and is it easy to contact or buy? An external expert usually brings a completely new perspective to these matters.

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