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Address and How to Know Which One is Yours

What is an IP address or what is my IP are questions that many people ask themselves every day. Those of us who are involved in the Internet are clear about it. Address and but there are many other people. Who use the Internet as a hobby and they do not know these types of terms or ignore them. And that is why, in this post we are going to see what IP is and how to know if my IP is public or private. A few days ago I was talking to my father and he asked me about an. Internet issue and I told him: “for that you have to know what your IP is”.

And he asks me

What is this IP address? Oysters, and at that moment I realized that not everyone knows terms that may be simple or basic for us. For example, if my company data father talks to me about terms related to his work specialty, I won’t know either. And since I believe that a blog is not only for writing about. Our “thoughts and strategies”, but is also a tool for informing and explaining concepts. I decided to write this post. Simple and short but I hope it will be useful for those looking to know what IP is. Their public IP address, protect their IP or how to know the IP of my PC.

Address and As you can see

Knowing what an IP address is is simple and there is nothing complicated about it, although many times you ask someone what their IP is and they look at you as if you were asking about something from another planet… it is not J and many times it is necessary know this number to perform tasks with our devices. I hope this more technical and informative article can be useful and help. You find your IP in a simple, fast way Phone Number DE and without going crazy. As well as understanding the differences between public and private, or static and dynamic IP. If you think it may be useful to someone, do not hesitate to share the post.

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