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10 Best Niches for Affiliate Marketing

Everyone knows that niches like fitness, travel, and tech are lucrative affiliate marketing opportunities. But big, broad niches like these are also fiercely competitive, making it hard for new sites to compete. If you want to stand any chance at competing and getting traffic, you need to go narrower. Below, I share the best niches 10 Best Niches for affiliate marketing—and, more importantly, narrow sub-niches within those niches that are feasible for a beginner to compete in. All of these affiliate niches have a combination of low competition, high traffic, and strong income potential.

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Thinking that this niche sucks if you hate cleaning as much as I hate cleaning. But with an estimated 69K monthly searches for “best vacuum cleaner,” according to executive data Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer, one thing’s for sure: This is a high-ticket niche with plenty of traffic potential. Even better, competition is relatively sparse. As with vacuum reviews, none of these sites looks particularly nice or have much of a recognizable brand. They’re about as basic as it gets. This spells opportunity for any ambitious affiliate marketers out there. How much can you earn? Many travel sites are quite secretive about their commission rates, with some simply stating the percentage of commission you get on their commission.

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Useful, as who knows what their commission is? Nonetheless, here are a few popular travel sites with affiliate programs: Although this might sound like a super Phone Number DE small niche, there are tens of thousands of searches for travel car seats every month. Just look at the traffic potential for “travel car seats” alone: Most of the other 70 pages are informational guides, such as this list of tips for flying with a car seat. This is a 10 Best Niches good sign, as it means you only need to create a handful of affiliate pages to attract targeted affiliate traffic. How much can you earn? Like in most niches, you can promote Amazon, which gives 3% commissions on baby products.

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