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Audiences and advertising targeting

The price of a click is also the cheapest on where the price varies by €0.10 on both sides. On Facebook the price of clicking a link is often between €0.50 and €0.90 and on Instagram the price of a click is often in line with Facebook or slightly above it. The prices for impressions and clicks are the cheapest on which in light of the numbers is an excellent place for advertising during the REACH phase.

Continue in accordance with

When we the MRACE model® from the REACH phase on the purchase path forward to the ACT CONVERT and ENGAGE phase we business database have often had good results on Facebook and Instagram also in achieving various micro-conversions leads and purchases. However the prices of these vary so much depending on the industry that opening them would require its own article. With what budget can you start in advertising You can test Instagram and

Advertising even with

Also read our blog about the differences between TikTok. in advertising. When creating a  video strategy. it is important Phone Number DE to define at least the following elements. Goal What do you want to achieve with the videos. Here you should use the MRACE® model and think about which stage of the customer’s purchase path you want to influence – or whether it is necessary to talk to the customer at each stage.

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