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Before starting it’s good to think

Templates there, but from that selection, one stood out above the others. And the price was only $18 (approx. €17.00). If you get a Blogger , the best way to find them is with the “Search” function. Since I have already bought products through card information was ready. You can use either a credit card or PayPal as a payment method. This is how you change your Blogger blog to a paid theme  appeared on the right sidebar, from which I could download the Template as a .zip file to the computer. The .zip file must be opened before uploading it to Blogger. Pro Tip The file to be uploaded in Blogger is .xml, while in WordPress it is .zip. In Blogger, the .zip file must be extracted so that the .xml file inside can be uploaded to Blogger.

After paying a Download button

Blogger expert, so it may be that I have not been able to take into account all points when changing the theme. That’s why I recommend that if you are unsure about  do it. In this way, you make sure that all essential issues are taken into account. I dare to make changes in my own Blogger blog, because I don’t use it actively. I have long liked to use products found on new database Creative Market (*) , such as images and themes. Of course, there is much more, such as wallpapers fonts graphics and accessories Creative Market (*) is interesting because anyone can add products for sale there and sell them. There weren’t many Blogger

changing the theme let a professional

 I have received several requests how to change the theme in Blogger. Since the topic was not already familiar to me, I took the bull by the horns and learned. There can be many opinions about the final result. || The post contains affiliate links, links marked (*) with || How to change a paid theme to a Blogger blog (screen instructions) about Phone Number DE what kind of end result you want. Today, more and more readers visit blogs either on a phone or tablet. Therefore, when choosing a template, you should pay attention to responsiveness, i.e. mobile friendliness. Responsiveness means that the layout adapts to the device being used. Read also : How to start a blog for free NOTE! I would like to mention at the very beginning that I am not a

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