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Add an anchor link Next, we add the actual link that directs to the desired point. Paint with the mouse the text to which you want to add a link. In my case, the link came to the list of songs at the top of the post. Add the address of the blog post to the URL and add /#anchor text at the end. It is not a good idea to set the link to open in a new tab if you are linking to the text inside the same post. If you link to some other text or page, then the link should open in a new tab. Adding an anchor link to a blog 6. Save the link and test After saving the link, save the whole post and Preview it. If you write a post at the same time as adding anchor links, the link may not take you to the right place. This is because the post has not been published yet. Then you can write the whole post at the end, publish it, test the links and share on social media only when you make sure that the links work. If the post was written earlier and you are currently editing it, refresh the post and open it in a new tab. Test the link. 7.

Creating the anchor text itself

 As in the image below, the anchor text is the word “why” in the H3 title. Adding an anchor link to a blog 4. Create anchor text requires adding one small HTML code to the text. The code is id=”desired anchor text” i.e. in the image above the code is id=”why” . The word why can be found in the first title, it is written in small capitals and there are no apostrophes. Another option would be id=”brandays” which redirects to paragraph 4. Branding. Adding the id should be special data set in the right place. In its simplest form, the code looks like this <h2 id=”why”>1. Why, for whom, how and where?</> when the original would be <h2>1. Why, for whom, how and where?</> NOTE! There should be one space between h2 and id BUT there should not be a space between the quote mark and the greater than mark.

Edit the text in the right place

 If you have already written a post and add the anchor links afterwards, you just have to be extra careful that the links go correctly. 2.  You must have noticed that WordPress has both a Graphical and a Text editor. Usually we write posts on the Graphical side, but when translating the editing to Text, we can edit and add HTML code to the post. In Blogger, the options are Phone Number DE Create and HTML . 3. Decide on the anchor text We make the anchor links against the grain. First, we add the anchor text to the part of the post where we want the reader to end up. Only after that we will make the actual link. The image below shows one example of anchor text. When choosing where you want the reader to end up, consider the following: try to keep the anchor text to one word remove the gibberish from the anchor text write the anchor text with a lowercase initial letter the word should be similar to the one you want the reader to go to.

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