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Creativity and how to develop it? Types and techniques to work with it

Creativity and how, If we take into account that photographs. Banners and infographics are the most seductive content on the Internet, and that we will surely want to use them on our Website or Blog. Knowing which are the main tools to compress photos without losing quality is a fundamental necessity . But it is necessary to keep in mind that the most important thing. Before lowering the weight of an image so that it does not lose visual appeal. Is to assess whether its size in pixels is appropriate. According to the place on our site where the image is located. let’s show. What are the steps to take to optimize the images on a website? Taking this into account. I Would like to make an important clarification. When we talk about compressing photos.

TinyPNG – (Best option for compressing)

Creativity and how, If your website has due to its configuration. A maximum width of for the content. It would make no sense for your top people data images to exceed that same size. Taking into account that they will never be shown with the dimensions to which you have uploaded them. You would only be carrying unnecessary weight on them. In this case you are missing the opportunity to have an even lower number of pixels. And thanks to this. When you compress the image. You will also obtain a file that is much smaller than with the other size. In short. This action is associated not only with reducing the weight in terms of Mb. But also in the size or number of pixels of that photo. If you do not perform the two actions together reduce and compress. – (Best option to reduce size)

This is the free page to compress photos or reduce the size of images that I use the most in my daily life. With it I optimize the weight of almost. All the JPG and PNG Phone Number DE files that I am going to upload to my blog (also those in this post) . TinyPNG supports uploading 20 files at a time of up to 5MB each. Despite the name. This tool is capable of reducing the weight of a jpg or png file. After automatically reducing the size of the photos. TinyPNG allows us to download them one by one or in batches . Either in a compressed folder called tinified or host them in our Dropbox account. The results and ease of use of this tool make it very worth using since there are also very few clicks necessary to have your photos reduced in weight.

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