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Different levels of marketing planning

At Kupli, we talk a lot about the importance of marketing planning. Nothing happens long-term and systematically if there is no plan or clear processes for doing things. Good planning ensures that things are more likely to happen than without planning. In addition, rush spikes are avoided when things can be completed in good time, when you know what is coming. Before the actual planning of marketing measures, it is necessary to putin order.

In this text, the roles of planning different time spans are opened. It is always advisable to proceed in planning from the longest-term planning to the shortest-term planning.

Planning should be done in different time spans

Planning is done in many time spans, and at the longest, marketing guidelines can be made for many years ahead. In planning for 3-5 years, there Australia Phone Number List is no reason to start thinking about themes or measures with monthly precision, but rather to think long-term about the main themes of marketing and communication, development targets and the like for each year. Not everyone does multi-year guidelines, and it is not necessary, but for many companies they can be useful.

The annual clock illustrates the marketing events of one year

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At Kupli, we typically make a practical marketing plan for our customers for the year, unless otherwise requested. As part of the marketing plan, an annual clock is typically made, from which you can immediately see the entirety of the marketing year.

Annual planning always takes into account marketing themes, possible current issues and marketing measures. In addition, the timing of the campaigns will be considered at this stage. In the annual plan, we usually don’t go into weeks, let alone days, but think about what happens during the year in different months. The annual clock is a clear entity, from which it is easy to start progressing to monthly planning.

The monthly planning is already accurate

The monthly plan is derived from previously determined themes and events of the year, and it is usually made in calendar format. We typically also call a Phone Number DE monthly plan a content calendar or content plan. In the monthly plan, you can see on a calendar level what is happening each week. In the monthly plan, the topics and publication dates of, for example, blog or social media posts are already precisely determined.

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