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Digital marketing planning is the starting point for effective work

Is your company doing digital marketing without a precise plan? In that case, you should reconsider. Well planned is half done, but without planning there is no knowledge of quality work. Digital marketing planning guarantees that digital marketing supports the company’s strategy and results as efficiently as possible.

Comprehensive digital marketing

Is a huge asset for a company, if used correctly, and not just a necessary support function. Marketing should be a way of thinking in the company, which is connected to all the basic processes of the company.

The company’s marketing strategy defines the company’s competitors and competitive advantage, marketing goals and target groups that are to be reached. At its simplest, the digital marketing plan tells how the company’s marketing strategy can be implemented in practice so that the goals set for the business are met. Without a marketing plan, the company’s communication often lacks a red thread and marketing is confusing and inconsistent.

Digital marketing planning – what is defined in the plan?

  • marketing channels used (e.g. websites, social media channels and advertising places)
  • the contents published on different channels and their goals at a general level
  • practical instructions for each channel separately
  • the means by which marketing results are measured
  • budget

Often, the marketing plan also includes a content plan, i.e. a publication calendar for each channel separately.

Marketing channels and their contents should support each other and offer a unified experience, even if the customer comes across the company in several channels. On the other hand, the contents should also function as independent entities.

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