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How to estimate what you are going to sell on the day you launch your online store

When I launch a new project I have it very clear. What I’m looking for is sales. Likes and stuff are all very well to decorate and make you feel a little better but in the end you want to see a return for all the made so far. calculate salesPhoto rights to Fotolia As long as you don’t have to report to anyone, anything can happen that will surprise or disappoint you.

In the end the only thing you can do is estimate How to estimate

In the end the only thing you can do is estimate. This way at least you top industry data have your boss busy for a couple of days or hours. The bad thing is that the moment of truth will come where we will have to see how much or how little you have moved away from the objective. Well, knowing that this is complicated to know, I’ll give you a couple of facts to give you an idea. The range of possibilities is unfortunately very wide.

Sales in relation to leads generated your online store

Sales in relation to leads generated : one of my metrics that I analyze is the relationship Phone Number DE between clients and contacts generated in the launch phase. This can vary from 0.5%-10%. I recently made a launch for a Beguerrilla client, even achieving 20%. But this is more the exception to the rule. Of 1,000 people who signed up, more than 200 ended up buying. A fact that is not the rule but rather the exception.

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