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Google Discover what is it for and how to activate Discover on your device?

Google Discover, Like every Google app. Discover has general customization settings. And for each result or suggestion we’ll tell you how to do this later. Initially it was not available for iOS devices or computers. Only for Android smartphones. Later. Electronic tablets were added and access was also given to the “little apple” company. How does Google Discover work. You already know that Google does not fully reveal how its algorithms work. As well as what parameters it uses to recommend content. Therefore, there is no 100% specific answer on how to suggest content . However. There is a lot that we can determine ourselves to decide what information will be shown to us.

How does Google Discover work?

Google Discover, The first thing is that we can choose what content to receive and personalize it. We also determine whether Google Discover will be active email leads or not (below we tell you how to activate it). The rest is done by Google’s AI itself. Using the permissions we have given it such as search history. Preferences in associated applications. Gmail inbox. Searches in Lens and in Alerts . This not only applies to themes. but also to fonts. That is Google knows which pages we prefer . It is also able to distinguish the period of time that is acceptable to us that is if we like the most recent content or if we accept the oldest ones . What is Google Discover for From the general user’s point of view. Google Discover is very useful for receiving the information they usually look.

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You have the option to activate or deactivate it as you please. Although it is activated by default on most devices. Whether they already have Phone Number DE the Google application built-in or we download it later. In any case. You can follow these steps to control its operation: Open the Google application (in case you have not downloaded it you have to do so first). Press the account icon that appears in the upper right (if you do not yet have an active Gmail account or related to the device you are using. The More option will appear). Enter the Configuration or Settings section. Depending on the device and version you use. Select the General entry . Scroll down to the Discover option and press the switch next to it. If it appears gray it means that the function.

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