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What is Google Academic or Google Scholar

How to use Google Scholar Spain Now I will explain how to use Google Scholar in Spain in brief steps: 1- How to access Google Scholar To access Google Scholar we must enter through its URL, which is the following: Once inside, you will find a search engine very similar to the one Google is used to, it will look like this: google academic search engine You will be able to perform the searches just like you do in any other search engine, although it is true that the suggestions are based on academic terms (or keywords ), and not so much on local searches or trends.

Accessing through

Your Gmail profile you email database will also have access to a section called My Library. Where you can save all the academic articles you want to view them later. The operation is very similar to that of a bookmarks bar. academic google my library. How to filter in Academic Google Another point to keep in mind about Google Scholar is that. We can sort the results by publication date, language or relevance . In this image you can see better how to do it.

Information directly

You will find the different Phone Number DE options on the side of the search results, and you should only click on the one that suits you best, or leave it as it is if this option is not relevant to you. You can also select the option to include citations and/or patents. 3- Create alerts in Google Scholar. Another of its great advantages is that  it allows us to create personalized alerts . Which means that we can request that the search engine send to our email when new documents are published on a topic of interest to us.

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