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Growth Hacking or growth marketing – what is it?

Growth Hacking, i.e. growth marketing among friends or growth hacking, means innovative and cost-effective marketing. It aims to increase sales in ways that differ from traditional marketing. There is no one right way to implement growth hacking, but different ways of implementing it are tried.

Four principles

Growth Hacking is based on four principles on which marketing is built. The first is the demand for the product. The product must have a demand, i.e. a market, in order to implement growth marketing. With a bad product, it is difficult to pursue growth.

The third is building virality. The idea of ​​building Netherlands Mobile Number List virality is to get an advertisement from the user. In other words, marketing is built into the product. A particularly good example here is Apple’s headphones. Other headphone manufacturers made black headphones, but Apple wanted to stand out from the crowd and make white headphones. Thus, users of white headphones advertised Apple headphones.

The last principle is user retention and product development. Retaining existing users is important because they provide important feedback for product development. We analyze the results already obtained and come up with developments for the product based on them.

Growth Hacking is based on experimentation

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When doing growth marketing, you have to try several different options and see which one works best. It perfectly encapsulates the idea of ​​testing, analyzing and optimizing. However, the basic idea of ​​growth hacking is to increase sales as cost-effectively as possible.

There are many different methods for implementing Phone Number DE growth procurement. In the blog posts below, we describe a few tried-and-tested methods that can also be used to advantage in growth hacking:

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