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Increase sales with remarketing campaigns

Once you have under your belt, you can think about what kind of advertising campaigns should be used to approach the remarketing audience. Different companies have different audiences, as do marketing goals, so there is more than one strategy for creating campaigns.

A busy online store can accumulate many good audiences over time, while especially on the B2B side, where there is usually less website traffic, one audience of website visitors can be the only one to whom remarketing can be targeted.

Remind the customer about the repeat order

The buyer of a product that wears out over time can be shown advertising reminding them to place a repeat order. Such products can be, for example, contact lenses, household cleaning products or, for example, cat food. In this case, e.g. those who Iran Phone Number Lis made a purchase within the last three and a half months are taken as the target audience, but those who made a purchase within the last three months are excluded. This way, the ad will be visible for two weeks to those whose purchase is more than three months old.

The Remarketing Campaigns Described. Above Are of Course Great. But There Must Be a Lot of Website. Traffic and Purchase Transactions. To Make Them Happen. for Example, on Facebook. The Campaign Can Only Be Started When. There Are at Least a Thousand Users in the Audience. Of Course the Limit is Lower in Some Channels. in Dynamic Remarketing, Facebook. Recommends Using Events (E.g. Purchase or Viewing. A Product) That Accumulate at Least One Hundred Per Day.

Campaigns with lower website traffic

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If the Number of Website Visitors is Not Enough to Make. Remarketing Audiences. From Those Who Have Visited Certain Product. Pages or Completed a Phone Number DE Audience Can Be Created From All Website Visitors. in This Case, the Content of the Ads is of. Course More General Than Above.but It is Still Targeted  Who Have Already Progressed From. The First Step on the Purchase Path.

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