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Live the purpose from within the company

When we talk about brand purpose for a.  Company , we usually focus its benefits outward. We think of purpose only as a tool that allows us to improve our results. Don’t get me wrong, that’s how it has to be, the only thing is that these positive results come as a result of our objective being to add .  Value beyond sales . That is, putting our audience first and waiting for their positive response in the form of purchases and not the other way around. We could make a huge list, but if we summarize the contributions of the brand purpose, the most important are: It allows us to connect with our audience in a closer and more intense way. It allows us to mobilize purchase recommendations towards our brand . 

The connection between brand purpose and employees is the key to success

What we have seen so far, this is the theory.  let’s implement the .  Purpose to sell more ”, and for this reason, efforts are focused first on the audience. But it happens that purpose also connects us with the company ‘s employees . And this is the key point for purpose to be .  Successful in our organization. In marketing, as in many facets of life, things are done from the category email list inside out and from less to more. If our employees connect with the company’s purpose, they will know how to .  Organize their work and transmit it to clients with the same intensity. This will lead us to a full connection: employees-brand-audience and a multiplication of the transformative effects of purpose in our company.

The magic happens when there is a connection between the brand's purpose and the employee's purpose.

Can you imagine working in a company that allows you to live your personal purpose? greater .  Commitment, better work environment, better results, trust, security, feeling of belonging,… To make it a reality in the company, we have to establish the policies that make it possible. From the most strategic part (application of the purpose to the business strategy ) to serve as a lighthouse, to internal .  Communication policies, work groups, specific activities to enhance it, etc. Internally, the purpose must become the reference to guide our work, to act as a filter for the selection of personnel and as a way to unite teams. If the purpose of the brand is .  The reason why the company was Phone Number DE created and what connects us with the audience.

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