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Through a letter written a year before, with a serene tone, he gave an account of the reasons for his decision. In one of the final paragraphs, he said: I want my friends to know that I leave their company with full mental faculties, with some timid hope in a depersonaliz afterlife beyond the limits of space and time and the limits of our understanding. This oceanic feeling has often sustain me in difficult times, and also now, as I am writing this. (Steiner, 1984, p.

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In an article that was collect in a compilation work that present the diverse perspectives assum by prominent intellectuals about death – Life after Death , which appear in 1976 – and among whom was none other than Arnold Toynbee, the famous British historian, Koestler reflect with great insight on the fate that may await human beings after the final end. In recent times, moreover, he has dicat himself with concentrat b2b email list attention to trying to unravel the mystery of paranormal phenomena. He seem almost convinc of the survival of consciousness after death, and his speculations intertwin the idea that there must be an impersonal and primordial cosmic mental substance – the term he us, coin by the British physicist Arthur dington, is mind .

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Stuff – to which human consciousness would reintegrate after death, a realm in which time and space would be abolish. He resort in that text to the support of the discoveries that research had made up to that point Phone Number DE in the field of quantum mechanics and to the conjectures coming from research in some fields of psychology. It was 1976, and since then his beliefs on this subject, as that last letter attests, would remain unchang. They, clearly, gave him that calm that permeates the lines he wrote to convey his decision to end his life.

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