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Printed products in business communication

The number of printed products, such as flyers and multi-page brochures, has decreased considerably in

There are so many social media channels and other digital marketing opportunities that everyone can find suitable platforms for their own communication and the need for printed products decreases. However, a few print products have remains relevant For example business cards, for which no suitable and easy-to-share substitute can be found on social media.

Focus on the quality of the printed product, not the quantity

In Printed Products, Such Important to Take Into Account the Quality of the Products. Instead of the Large Print Quantities if Possible. a High-quality Printed Product. Is Better Rhin a Note Print. On Thin Paper, and It Won’t End Up in the Trash as Easily. Various Printing Techniques Can Be Found in a. Wide Variety of Printing Houses and It is Worth Taking Advantage of Them.

For a Business Card or a Brochure Can Think About, for Example, Embossing or Foil Printing.which Will Make the Final Printed Product More Personal and Distinctive. This Type of Printed Product Sticks in the Recipient’s Mind. Because of Its Visual Appearance and Helps Ensure That the Product. Such as a Business Card, Doesn’t Just Sit Around in the Bottom of the Pocket.

What kind of impression do you want to give with your printed product?

The Exact Choice of Paper May Seem Like an Exaggeration. And Unnecessary Sophistication. But It Can Be of Great Importance in Terms. Of the Value of the Printed Product. Just as You Don’t Want Your. Business Card to Be the Thickness. Of Regular Printing Paper, You Certainly. Don’t Want Larger Printed Products to Feel Inferior.

When choosing papers, in addition to the thickness of the paper, you can choose, for example, glossy or matte surface, rough or frosted paper or even thin wood veneer. When designing printed products, you should think about the rest of the company’s brand and visuals.


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