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Reading about marketing topics for the summer

Do you miss reading about marketing topics for the summer? A whopping 519 blog posts have already been publish on Keplin’s blog over the years. So there is plenty to read about marketing-related themes!

Start with these texts, which are the most read on our blog during the beginning of 2023:

How are marketing and advertising defined?

Do you use the words marketing and advertising in connection with the same thing? I’m sure you’re not the only one – you see and hear a lot of these terms UAE Phone Number List being mixed up and used interchangeably. Marketing is a much broader concept than many people realize, and advertising is only a small part of the bigger picture

A good brand is a great tool to stand out from the competition. However, the definition of a brand and the terms essentially linked to it may be difficult to understand or distinguish from each other. That’s why a little lesson on the core concepts of the brand is in order. We listed 7 brand-related concepts with explanations that you should keep in mind when doing brand work.

Copywriting and content production – what’s the difference?

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Do you understand how your customer makes his purchase decision and what steps he goes through before making a decision? Today, making a purchase decision is no longer a straightforward process, as the internet has brought customers almost unlimited opportunities to find out about experiences, research features and compare competitors.

The main messages tell both potential customers and the company’s own staff what the company offers and what differentiates it from its competitors. The main  messages provide guidelines for marketing, communication and sales. Although  Phone Number DE the above has listed things about metaverses, artificial intelligence, new social media channels and customer data, the fact that successful marketing always relies on the basics will not go away next year, and the basics must be fixed before the wildest openings. In our opinion, careful planning ensures effective and planned marketing. So, next year too, it’s time to invest in marketing planning before starting to do it!

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