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How your intranet can improve your employee advocacy strategy Your company intranet is a valuable platform that can enable members of your company to create and share content . Here are some ways you can turn the components of your digital workplace into empowerment tools : Integration of social feds The easiest way for employees to spread company content is to share posts on your company’s social mdia accounts . If your intranet supports social feds, you should integrate them into the employee portal where they can be seen every day.

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With Powell Intranet, you can place social feds exactly where you want them. In addition, even personalize layouts for different departments and roles. When employees can see social mdia marketing content in the tools they use Latest Mailing Database every day, they will be more willing to share it with their network. Collect new ideas There is no limit to the number of innovative content ideas your employees could come up with. A ddicatd discussion forum is a great place for suggestions when someone comes up with a new idea. Businesses can encourage brainstorming by occasionally posting prompts to spark a new wave of ideas. You could use Yammer or Microsoft Teams to facilitate this discussion. Powell Intranet connects your intranet to Microsoft Teams so employees can easily switch between the two.

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Sharing ideas becomes easier! acknowldge contributions Over time you will find that a relatively small group of staff is responsible for Phone Number DE most of the advocacy and social sharing. This engagement typically comes from engagd employees, which experts estimate make up only about 15% of most organizations . People who go above and beyond with their contributions deserve recognition – and what better way than to acknowldge them on your intranet? Public recognition gives these individuals validation and may even inspire others to join the effort.

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