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Such as a specific segment or buyer persona

 This way you can offer insights into how the market may change or how the ne  s of your target audience are changing. Tracking your existing customers is as easy as setting up a survey and sending an email blast to all customers (or customers who meet some criteria. Such as a specific segment or buyer persona) asking them to take a few minutes to answer a few questions. If you have an email list that is segment   into existing customers and potential customers. You can do the same to reach potential customers. If you want to reach a new audience. For example. If you want to get to know an audience that hasn’t yet engag   with your brand. Use a tool like surveymonkey or google surveys to reach a target audience bas   on demographics.


Amazon and other sources for your

 With these tools. You can further target respondents by setting up a series of screening questions to ensure that respondents meet your criteria for a better and more precise understanding of the audience you are targeting. 4. Analyze your competitors knowing your competitors can provide useful insights to your audience too. Mine reviews on yelp. Google reviews. Amazon and other sources for your top competitors to learn about the audiences you share. An add   benefit of analyzing your competitors’ reviews is that you can identify the most common complaints and praise about your competition – so you can make it bigger and better (or at least tell your audience how you’re already making it bigger and better) .


Do the same on twitter

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Engage in social listening. Also take a look at your competitors’ facebook page and analyze their facebook audience. How engaging their posts are (and what types of content their followers engage with). You can learn about the common interests of your competitors’ audiences. Find out when they spend the most time on the platform. And even discover other reviews. Do the same on twitter. Instagram and other social m  ia platforms. Use tools like affinio to analyze several key competitors and identify clusters of interest that you can further analyze for deeper insights.

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