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Sustainable Brands Madrid 2023 will address how to impact brands

What distinguishes an impact brand from any other? Is it possible to move from sustainability management to impact management? How can greenwashing be ended. What role does purpose play in impact brands. These questions and many others will be answered in the eighth edition. Sustainable Brands Madrid. The reference meeting in sustainability and brand promoted by Quiero , an international sustainability platform. Which will be held on October 23 and 24, 2023 , under the motto “From Purpose driven brands to Impact brands.

Sustainable Brands 2023 highlights impact brands

SBMadrid23 will recover Sustainable Sunday , a festival for citizens around sustainability in which Madrid residents will be able to enjoy. On the Sunday industry email list before the event (October 22), a family day with recreational and cultural activities linked to sustainable development. That will be developed by brands, impact entrepreneurs and different non-profit entities. It has the collaboration of the Madrid City Council, which will provide the Plaza de Colón for its celebration. During the SBMadrid23 presentation, KoAnn Vikoren, founder and CEO of Sustainable Brands Worldwide, highlighted that brands have the challenge of linking innovation and sustainability to promote local projects and solutions. Furthermore, she has pointed out the three trends that brands with impact must integrate in the context of eco-social urgency.

Sustainable investment and impact

Sustainable investment and impact investment have also taken center stage during the SBMadrid23 presentation. «The good news is that more and Phone Number DE more companies are not only concerned about financial issues, but also environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Impact investing is growing both internationally and in our country, and seeks, in addition to an economic return, a social or environmental impact that improves people’s lives,” said Gorka Goikoetxea, director of administration, ESG investments and impact at Fundación Anesvad, who has considered that impact investment will coexist with sustainable investment. Carol Blázquez , Head of Innovation and Sustainability at Ecoalf, has launched a challenging message: «Companies that want to generate impact have to ask themselves why they exist and what is the challenge they want to solve, and to do so it is necessary to change negative impacts for the positive ones. 

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