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The amount of information generate

There is a very good chance for monitoring, because by humanity is increasing exponentially. According to a study by EMC Corporation, the amount of data doubles every two years. What form this way of “moving” on the Internet will take, I cannot preict, but it certainly promises to be very exciting! Author: Filip Załęski E-commerce manager at Funmeia Enthusiast of modern technologies and start-up companies. On a daily basis, he deals with the development of customer acquisition systems through Internet channels.

The number of websites decreases

Big fan of growth hacking and data science. By using these fields in his daily work, he achieves further business goals in a creative and innovative way. Single Page Application – the future of websites Brand24Brand24February 6, 2017 ・ 12 min read Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Share with LinkeIn When in the 90’s of the last Latest Mailing Database century Microsoft create its web browser, no one suspecte that Internet Explorer would be the precursor of Internet solutions. Sounds like a good joke? However, it’s true. In the last decade of the 20th century, the average Internet user had 4 products at their disposal.

Latest Mailing Database

The number of websites

He also had 248,000,000 fellow Internet Phone Number BE users at his disposal, which was 4.1% of the world’s population. They could surf just over 3,000,000 websites . In such an environment, web browsers – initially – had to fight for the client. I would like to add that the growth dynamics of n the 1990s was 500-2000% year on year. Nowadays, there are even years as it happene in 2010, 2013 and 2015. Let’s go back to our controversial thesis that Internet Explorer was the precursor of modern Internet solutions.

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