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The awareness campaign of The Affinity Foundation and Atresmedia

Last summer, the Affinity Foundation and Atresmedia launched #Inseparables , an initiative that invited reflection so that petparents could have the best relationship with their dogs and cats and improve the bond between them. According to a study carried out by the Affinity Foundation, 3% of relationships between petparents. Their pets do not overcome obstacles and unfortunately end up breaking down. Around 285,000 dogs and cats arrive at these entities each year.

With the motto Inseparables

The Affinity Foundation plan placed emphasis on improving the bond and relationship between people and their pets , and had the collaboration top industry data of two well-known faces of the Atresmedia Group, Helena Resano, ambassador of the #Inseparables campaign and Carlos Rodríguez, presenter and veterinarian of the Onda Cero program ‘Como el Perro y el Gato’. Faced with these situations, the campaign designed by Arena Media and Bridges_, its transmedia content accelerator, for the Affinity Foundation, reinforced its messages through Atresmedia channels and from social networks , as well as in a communication and content integration campaign. 

Arena and Bridges agencies 

The strategic approach of the project, the ideation of the #Inseparables claim , the co-production and creation of the content together Phone Number DE with Atresmedia , and the 360° media activation, which included radio, television and digitally natively, both as editorial and advertising content. Internal moments of 120. internal moments of 45” and editorial content in different Antena 3 programs such as “El Tiempo. Mundo Brasero”, “Pasapalabra” and programs from laSexta such as “Aruseros. Más Vale Tarde” and “Zapeando”. Helena Resano’s piece was also broadcast on several of the Group’s digital channels.

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