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why are they the best option

According to  , “in Mexico, 50% of girls and boys between 6 and 11 years old are Internet or computer users and in the case of adolescents between 12 and 17 years old, between 80 and 94% use internet or a computer.” So, it is an attractive niche for those who want to create  or physical products for this audience.


How much have online courses grown

Infants are impressionable, in general, they tend Therefore, to believe everything they see and hear, make decisions company data impulsively and feel attracted to anything that is fashionable. If we add to this the fact that. Therefore,  and are constantly exposed to screens, everything becomes more evident. So, it is a shared responsibility to regulate the  that children consume . On the one hand, brands must have policies governing how they communicate with. Therefore, children to ensure that their rights are not violated. On the other hand, the State and institutions are obliged to establish.


Why are online courses the best option

Boys and Girls should not directly incite them to purchase a product or service, exploiting their inexperience, immaturity or credulity.

 Likewise, Therefore, it will avoid the use of images, sounds, texts, language and other descriptions phone Number DE that cause error or confusion regarding the performance, use or consumption of the product or service by minimizing, underestimating or exaggerating its characteristics.”

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