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The European data strategy

of February envisaged the establishment of nine common European data spaces .  Including one dedicated to the European Green Deal . This aimed to take advantage of the great potential of data to support the priority  .  Actions of this Pact relating to  .  Climate change .  The circular economy, zero pollution, biodiversity .  Deforestation and ensuring compliance. At the time .  The Commission highlighted that the win) initiatives would cover concrete actions and announced that the first would consist of evaluating and .  Eventually .  Reviewing the Directive establishing a geographic information infrastse should take place  .  In the third quarter of or  .  . Under the terms of the European data strategy, the “GreenDataAll” initiative would modernize the regime in line with technological and innovation opportunities .  Facilitating support from public authorities .  Businesses and EU citizens for the transition to an economy .  More environmentally friendly and  . Carbon neutral and reducing administrative burdens.

 According to the European

Commission, the rules of the INSPIRE Directive on .  Sharing environmental spatial data tend to be too prescriptive .  Too rigid and .  Do not take into account . The most recent  .  Horizontal legislation on the matter . INSPIRE data has limited  .  Usefulness in terms of development and .  Implementation of environmental policy (impact assessment .  Mon Business Email List itoring and .  Reporting obligations .  Assessment) .  As the INSPIRE Directive focuses on geospatial data and includes little data describing .  The state of the  . Environment and the  .  Pressures on it and the The Directive is .  Heavily focused on the publication of .  Geographic data held by data .  Providers and does not take into  . Account the rapidly evolving needs of users or how  .  The data is used and its purpose. the  To enable greater data sharing between the public and private sectors and with the general public and to fully exploit the benefits of data sharing for data-driven innovation and decision-making.

 reasoned decisions would

 Space of data from the Ecological Pact. Greater a Arabia Email List vailability and accessibility . Across sectors . Of environmental information generated by the Ecological Pact data space will tend to create more transparency .  Allow citizens to betoof way .  Respond to the needs of environmental policy development and implementation .  Snable monitoring and reporting of data-based  . Environmental information , increase the quality of data on the state of the environment and boost the ecological data economy and move from a provider-centric to a user-centric approach.

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