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 Key features: a browser extension for saving web links automatically highlights sav   links during google searches smart lists automatically recycles sav   stories price: free 47. Slideshare  slideshare slideshare since 2012. As part of link  in. Slideshare has become a hub for high-quality slide content from top experts. Slides offer a visual and concise way to quickly digest important information. And users can effortlessly navigate and view the large collection. There’s an api for external development and powerful search to find the content you ne  . Key features: contains over 18 million uploads across 40 content categories a creator’s hub to help users build great content slideshare api available for non-commercial use price: free 48.

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 Shareit  socialpilot_co shareit shareit. By socialpilot. Is a free tool for content curation and influencer discovery that allows you to share content directly on your social m  ia pages. Once you connect shareit to your fe  s. You can easily search for articles on any topic and share them with your audience. Posts can be sch  ul   using socialpilot. And you can filter search results by relevance and time to find the best content. Key features: receive automatic topic suggestions relat   to your search terms sch  ule curat   content with socialpilot links to social m  ia sites including facebook. Twitter. And link  in price: free49.


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europe email list

 Twitter lists  twitter twitter lists for active users on twitter. There is a great way to create curat   content lists. By creating a twitter list. Which is basically a group of chosen twitter accounts. You can categorize and organize your content as separate segments. These lists act as mini fe  s and only display content from the accounts you choose. It’s a great way to organize your twitter fe  s. And you can access lists from other twitter accounts to discover new content. Key features: find and sign up you can’t market your business effectively if you don’t understand your audience.


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