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This information can provide a variety of insights

Not only do you ne   to know who they are demographically. But you also ne   to understand their ne  s. Their pain points. Their habits and behaviors. And their preferences. Here are five creative ways to get to know your audience so you can create better. More effective marketing campaigns. 1. 1. Conduct industry research conduct industry research conducting industry research is the first step in knowing your audience. Typically. Industry research begins by researching basic demographic information such as age. Gender. Race. Location.   Ucation level. Income. Marital status. Employment status. And number of children.

Mortgage balance and how long you have

But industrial research should not stop here. You will also want to research factors that are relevant to your products or services. If you’re marketing a retirement planning product. For example. You’ll want to know whether your audience has a retirement savings account like a 401k or ira. Other savings. How much they have sav  . And perhaps the size and value of their home. Mortgage balance and how long you have liv   there. This information can provide a variety of insights. Such as whether your audience is likely to be interest   in downsizing as they enter their golden years or whether they are financially literate or more interest   in basic financial planning. Which can inform your planning content and other marketing initiatives.

Through opt-in forms or other one-to-one

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Facebook audience insights can be a useful tool for conducting general industry research even if you don’t plan on running ads on facebook. Keep in mind that in most cases. At this stage. You will be working with broad data and averages. Then. You can get more granular data about individuals when they express interest in your products or services. Through opt-in forms or other one-to-one interactions. 2. 2. Create personas arm   with these insights. You can group your target audience into distinct segments (for example. Different age groups with different purchasing reasons or pain points). So you can create marketing campaigns that target precisely those segments and offer solutions that solve their unique problems.


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