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What will not change with the corona?

The pandemic caused by Corona has completely disrupted everyday routines and ways of working. Companies have had to make changes when the surrounding world has changed rapidly. It is easy to list things that will change with the corona. The effects will be seen in the future, for example, in the increase of remote work and Because the situation is so exceptional and long-lasting, it is much more difficult to figure out what will remain the same in the future.

The role of marketing

In a Nutshell, Marketing Helps to Increase Sales. Of Products or Services. in More Detail. Marketing Helps to Increase Customer Understanding. Develop Even Better Targeted Services.and Find Exactly Those Customers Who Are Most Interested in What the Company Offers. in Other Words, the Role of Marketing is Central. When Business Operations Have to Be Modifie.d to Match the Situation.

Customer orientation

Customer orientation has long been the starting point of all business planning, and its importance has become even more prominent. Understanding customers helps to develop products and services to meet customers’ wishes. It goes without saying that customers like to buy products that are suitable for them and that they need.

In an exceptional situation, customer orientation has enabled many companies to expand beyond their own core competencies. The most important thing is to think about how a product or service can make the customer’s life easier. For example, many restaurants have responded to customers’ wishes for home delivery now that you can’t stay in the restaurant to eat.

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