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That makes you focus only on the application code that you create.  Aabout the specifications and operating system used by the server to run the application. You simply select the right environment and prepare your application code to run. The final model is SaaS.  The reason is, you no longer need to think about the code or even the installation process to use the application. All application needs, the Cloud Provider provides. You just need to know how to use this service. Examples of these services are Google Docs, Netflix, and Gmail. You already know, understand

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documents, images, audio, or video. Platform as a Service: Deka Harbor : Container-based Cloud Service (*) that makes it easier for companies to manage applications. Software as a Service: Deka Sense : Social Intelligence Technology (**) based analytical whatsapp data data service to produce company analytical reports from digital media. Intelligent Video Analytics : A ready-to-use service based on Artificial Intelligence (***) to monitor Live-video to collect attribution, Events, or patterns of specific behavior. Reasons to Choose Cloudeka Now, you know what Cloud services and products are from Cloudeka. So, why should you choose Cloudeka as a Cloud Provider for your

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Whatsapp Number List

-to-End Cloud services . Cloudeka partners with many global companies .  Partners to strengthen Cloud-based services and products. Services and Products Cloudeka Phone Number DU has a number of Cloud services including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Here are the details: Infrastructure as a Service: Deka Prime (PX1) : Public Cloud service with complete features that will support your business. Deka Flexi (FX2) : Public Cloud Service with a pay-per-as-you-go model and simple VM deployment. Deka Vault : Cloud-based Backup and Disaster .

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