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Women ag 34-54 and men ag 25-44 nam their favorite Facebook channel You can find the majority of users on Instagram and Facebook but only half of Facebook and Instagram users can be found on . Up to 85% of users also use Facebook and Instagram but only 50% of Facebook and Instagram users also use . Source of figures Datarepotal So young people can find and older people can find it on Facebook Instagram is position as a channel in between.

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Its of users can already be found on Instagram and Facebook so there are few people who can only be found on . Of course the activity of business lead using social mia in different channels was not taken into account – in Finland was already us for up to 85 minutes every day last year. The cost of advertising The formation of the price of advertising is influenc by many things such as the goal of the campaign target group content mia budget and industry.

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The numbers . You get the cheapest views on . If you want to spread a certain advertising message to as many people as Phone Number DE possible do it in the light of numbers on . The price of a thousand views on runs around the euro and can easily fall below that. With a thousand impressions for example €0.80 the ad collects 625000 impressions with a mia budget of €500. On Instagram and Facebook the price of a thousand impressions is on average around 6–7 euros.

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